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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  November 1, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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. two kids hit by a car while trick or treating. >> pretty good rain in the north bay. lesser amounts south but this is -- is this it or is there more on the way? >> we are live where dozens of customers are without power. we will tell you how it happened and why crews say it'll take all day to fix it.
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>> and that historic storm may have changed the jersey shoreline forever. there is some good news from new york city this morning. mornings on 2 starts now. >> complete bay area news coverage starting right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. >> it's thursday, november 1st. we start with an investigation into a frightening halloween night accident in santa rosa. two children were hit by a car while trick or treating in the rain. we are live to explain what happened. >> reporter: good morning. those two kids, four and ten expected to survive the injuries from the accident but it happened here. i want to give you a look at this scene. this is a fast road. we have seen the traffic moving by.
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the trick or treaters were trying to get from one neighborhood to the next. they were already in the crosswalk when the adult saw a car coming northbound on this road. they tried to stop the kids but they went through the crosswalk and that's when they were hit. let me show you video from what it looked like after the accident to show you the conditions. it was raining at the time of the accident although we don't know if weather played a factor in this. it was dark because it was 7:30 at night. police say that the driver stopped immediately after the accident and did cooperate with the investigation. the police haven't said anything about the cause. this is a fast moving road. cars moving at a fast rate. back live out here, this
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crosswalk is however well mark ifed. we have been trying to get ahold of police. we get new information. we will bring it to you here on mornings on 2. >> all right. time now 7:02. new this morning. the power is out for dozens of customers after a car smashed in to a utility pole hours ago. we are there at the scene to tell you why police arrested the driver and when are they going to get the lights back on? >> reporter: take a look at this pole. it was over the truck parked in this driveway. can you imagine how you would feel if you were the homeowner in the chp told him to go back inside because it was to dangerous with all of the wires. a drunk driver smashed into the utility pole and now it's just being held up by the wires. it happened just before 4:00 this morning near the corner of grant and washington. deputies say a man in his 30s
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was drinking and driving, hit the pole and then left. they caught up with him four miles away. then the chp was brought this to give a test. they arrested him on suspicious of dui. right now 45 customers are without power and we spoke to one neighbor through the wires that now drape across his driveway. >> just woke up and tell me -- big crash and we woke up. the guy was gone. >> reporter: now you can see the traffic lights are out in this section. chp is monitoring traffic making sure everybody slows down especially in this rain. if you look at this pole you can seat wood and where it snapped off at base right there. pg&e crews say because of that they will have to replace that entire pole and this is a job that will take all day.
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. >> thank you. its been a wet morning drive for bay area drivers after rain moved in overnight. here is what it looked like on the jackson street off ramp southbound 980. you can see flooding created dangerous conditions. roads were slick heading toward the bay bridge. we will check in with steve to see if the rain is expected to last throughout the day but it's having an impact on the roads. let's check in with sal. >> reporter: all right. good morning to you. it's having an impact. people driver more slowly as caution. let's go out and take a look at pictures. bay bridge is crowded though compared to yesterday you will like what you see. 15 to 20 minutes, yesterday at this time we had delays of more than 30 minutes. we are doing pretty well. this is a look now at the freeway on 880 authority and southbound. this traffic looks good in all directions, in both directions.
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580 is also starting off well. very slow traffic. the rain has been moving through this area. on the peninsula, 101 and 280 little bit good or wet. highway 101 is slow. highway 1 from half moon bay to pacifica, across the bay we have slow traffic between haywood and union. >> very goodmanning. the system is morning out slowly. still rain toward the mountains, little bit to the east. another hour and a half i think the system is done. doing well up in the north bay. one, one front and done. it stalled out in the north bay and then took forever to start moving south but it's finally moving south. very mild since. there isn't much breeze most locations say calm.
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the system developed a system with in a system. that showed it down. you can see the breaks now. it's mostly cloudy but they will get some sun. heaviest rain -- up in the russian river. fort bragg inch of rain. middle town inch of rain. most locations between a quarter and three quarters of an inch. napa a half inch, oakland .41, brentwood also with a third of an inch. there is a little higher amounts in the santa cruz mountains. we are going over san jose. some of that lighter rain. there is a lot of holmes system. 50s and 60s. 57, santa rosa, napa and fairfield. it's pretty mild. the system will work its way east and south. we will start to see clearing.
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the next system looks like its heading north. next good rain looks to be november 9th. 60s to near 70 on the temperatures. then afternoon sun, fog will be back, that inland fog, tulle fog which is thick thick thick but temperatures warming up. we set clocks back an hour sunday morning temperatures will be nice though the days are shorter. >> thank you. on to the coverage of sandy. new jersey's governor said the jersey shore he knew and loved may be a thing of the past. there is to much damage and rebuilding it back to the way it was may set it up for another disaster. many gas stations were forced to close. officials are running out of fuel to keep generators running. this is new video out of new york city showing the thousands of people lined up to use buses. the line wraps around the new barkley center in brooklyn where tonight's scheduled
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opening basketball game was postponed because of sandy. the subway system that carries 5.2 million a day has only partly reopened but only north of 34th street because tunnels are still flooded. as a result there is been heavy car traffic coming in and in order to encourage people to use mass transit instead of trying to drive the governor has ordered all public transit to be free today. >> wow. bellevue hospital just finished evacuating. theynational guard troops lined the stair wells helping carry out people. some went down more than a dozen flights of stairs. the big storm knocked out the hospital's power and then floods wiped out the fuel pumps in the basements. and flights heading to the new york area slowly starting
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to recover. both jfk and newark in new jersey are running with limited service. >> both candidates are back out on the campaign trail with only five-days left. this is a live picture out of roanoke virginia. it's the first of three romney campaign events today. that's one of the key swing states. at 7:15 how romney has changed the tone of his campaigning in the wake of the storm. san francisco city leaders say they kept the financial cost of the giant victory celebration to a minimum. about six dozen cleared three thousand pounds of ticker tape.
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it's estimated it all cost amole dollars. the giants are picking up the tab with the city paying for clean up and safety. officials say they reworked schedules to reduce overtime. many fans attending the celebration took mass transit. bart had it's highest daily rider ship ever. it carried 553,000 passengers shattering the old record. it was set during the 2010 giant's victory parade. caltrain reported rider ship doubled. >> is election day what it used to be? new numbers show how the people of california plan to vote with a mail in ballot. >> and reports of a sex fantasy league blown out of porportion? what is being reported this morning.
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. a provedda forecast. the rain will end soon. not much longer, some breaks in the clouds to the north. highs 60s to near 70. >> the president back on the campaign trail after three days of focusing on the response to sandy. the president is getting a boost in the final days of the campaign. >> reporter: the president is on his way now to green bay wisconsin. here he is leaving about a half hour ago. he will get regular updates on the storm response as he travels. he is largely received praise for how he has dealt with the crisis even from republicans. he toured the storm damage in new jersey yesterday. >> we are going to help you get it all together. i promise.
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promise. >> reporter: the president gets back to campaigning today with stops in wisconsin, colorado and nevada. romney is targeting virginia. he softened his speech in the wake of the disaster avoiding direct attacks on the president while trying to make his own closing arguments. >> i don't just talk about change. i have a plan to execute change. >> reporter: i will have live coverage of what they are saying this morning during my next update. both sides are claiming the momentum and the advantage in the final day s of the race. >> new reports that as many as half of all california voters are expected to vote by mail. requests for mail in ballots, topped those in 2008. that's what 40% of voters voted by mail. that means some of the tightest races may not be decided until days after election day.
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mail in ballots take longer to count because the signature has to be compared with the one on the card. supporters of the governor's tax measure are targeting bay area drivers right now. they are showing banners on freeway overpasses. proper 30 would raise sales taxes by a quarter cents and race income taxes on those who earn more than $250,000 a year. if it fails it could trying billions of dollars in education cuts. >> a new field poll suggests support is slipping for both proposition 30 and a competing measure. 48% of likely california voters say they will vote yes on 30. that is down from 54% in july. 38% say they will vote no and 14% say they are undecided.
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a poll shows support for the alternative measure, proposition 38 now is at 34%. that's down from 46% in july and 49% say they will vote no. 17% say they are undecided. >> we have cold weather coming back and that means the start of winter spare the area alert. over the next four months, officials will issue alerts about burning wood when weather conditions cause concern about air pollution. they say wood smoke is the biggest source of air pollution. 15 spare the area alerts were issued last winter. new law takes effect in san leandro today prohibiting restaurants using styrofoam. it can't be recycled. it often pollutes waterways. >> there is new information this morning about a sexual
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competition involving athletes at at piedmont. students say reports of the league where athletes earn points for sexual activity may have been exagg era ted. there has been a break-in the case of a woman whose body was found in a trash can. police say a man and president victim, were in a relationship. her body was found in a trash can alongside dublin canyon road. police say she was reported missing in june. >> authorities are searching for four suspects, they used hammers to steal jewelry from a store. it happened on industrial road. police say they threatened
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employees with pepper spray before pulling out the sledgehammers to smash glass cases. they want your help in identitying the suspects who were wearing giants masks during the robbery. drivers, bikers, hikers, you won't be able to use the road in a popular park because animals need to cross it. the park district closes south park drive on november 1st of every year. that is so the california newts can safely cross that road. as they head for the ponds where they were born and where they mate. that road reopens april 1st when the mating season is over. >> city of livermore said it'll not pay the $100,000 fee to be a host city for next year's tour of california bike race. the tour is one of the bikest events in the united states and
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draws some of the biggest stars but amgen expects host cities to help pay. the city said amgen needs to figure out how to cut costs. >> the roads of wet, we have had rain but the rain is moving out. look at the sky right now. you may like what's moving in. steve is coming back. tell you about warmer temperature that are on the way. >> this is part of the half time show i'm sure but we still have --. >> reporter: and trying to clear the air in the middle of a sports game. the spooky problem. >> morning, highway 4 looks slow. what is going on and the rest of the drive.
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how does it brew such great coffee? well... inside the brewer are these green fields of coffee, and if you travel up this mountain, there's this huge coffee grinder. and then the coffee lands in this cup
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and water rushes through. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. . there was added excitement at a game last night in detroit. a fog machine for a half time
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show malfunctioned during a game between the pistons and the rockets. nobody was hurt and the game resumed after a brief delay. jeremy lynn had 12 points as his new team the rockets won. a former san jose shark has sold his ranch to benefit a park. owen nolan's 1100-acre ranch will be added to joseph grant county park. he sold it to the parks department for $2.6 million. the former captain of the sharks said he used to hunt and ride his bike in the hills. he retired last year and lives in loss gatos. >> the police department will get a 300,000-dollar grant to help them study reports of shots fired. they say that information will analyze data from the shot spotter system to identity areas and homes with the
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highest concentration of gun fire. it uses sensors. it tells police with in seconds of when shots are fired in the city. they say that information could be used in the future to help police take action against homes with frequent shots fired. youth crime is at a record low according to the criminal justice stats center. more than 149,000 california residents under the age of 18 were arrested last year. that is the lowest number of arrests since 1957. some of it could be due to new legislation that decriminalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana. >> we want to check in with sal who is watching contra costa. >> reporter: it's slow on highway 4 as you are driving through. want to show you this live picture. you can see, this is backed up into antioch. it's a slow back up here
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getting out to this area. i have been looking just for the update from chp and i don't see any major problems here. we have had a couple small things but just slow because of the wet weather. allow yourself extra time. if you are driving to the bay bring it's backed up. better than yesterday because you don't have all the people going in to the city but we still have the normal crowd which translates in to a 15 to 20 minute delay. if you are driving in haywood it's slow from 238 down to union city. santa clara valley slug up near the capitol expressway. 87 and 85 alsos slow into downtown. let's go back to steve. >> all right. thank you. our system is moving south. still rain with it. not a lot. it's kind of washing out but a lot of low clouds, very mild. upper 50s to near 60. heaviest rain in the north bay. it's morning rain. cloudy and then some sun.
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there are breaks in the clouds to the north but the system stalled out on the north bay and took forever to move south. clearing tonight but a lot of that valley fog popping up tonight and tomorrow. the system stretching east to south. there are breaks starting to show up. santa rosa, oakland, san francisco, sfo act four tenths of an inch. san jose 12, 100ths. you can see some of the clouds starting to thin out in the north bay but there is still some rain in san jose, santa claire a east foothills,s will to morgan hill and gilroy. there it goes. the lows moving away. the system just dragging itself across. 60's -- to near 70. we get a little sun. good news, if you want warmer weather for the weekend you will get it. fog, the days are getting
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shorter. we set our clocks back. could have warm temperatures monday but rain again into next week. >> new york city subway is back open at least partly but it's not really helping the morning drive. hear when the airports will be back to full capacity. >> red cross volunteers are leaving from here and heading to the east coast. we will give you the firsthand account of what they are experiencing there. . >> and oakland police continue to investigate the shooting of a very popular business owner here in oakland. we will give you the latest.
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. a search is underway for the gunman who opened fire inside a cell phone store. the shooting happened at a metro pcs store on international boulevard. brian flores is live with what police belelieve is the motive. >> reporter: good morning. that remains unclear at this hour but what we know is this is a maimingor tragedy for many people who have talked to us about this business owner here. we are live at the 9200 block of international boulevard. this is the store.
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we look at video, oakland police were called at about 7:30 after reports of gun shots and a man in his 50s and 60s shot in the chest. when they arrived they couldn't revive him and he was pronounced dead. officially we don't know the full name of the victim but several people have identified him as just marcus. they talked toes and say he was the owner of the store. he was very well liked and this is a tragedy that it happened to him. they say he would be help. to the community helping out when he could and he ran the business for years, lots of people as you can see were upset that this happened. this morning quite a few came up to us, they were expecting to get a phone or just talk to him but they are just sharing their grief with us. >> i really feel bad for his family. i know that they are going to really -- really devastating to pick up the pieces. >> i have -- i have been coming in for five-years. he was a very nice guy. i don't understand why anybody would hurt him. he was a great guy.
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>> reporter: and again that sentiment remains true for many that have come up and talked to us. you are looking live pictures. several people have left a lot of different things in front of the store. couple candles and other notes as well. in terms of a motive we don't know what happened. as soon as we find out we will pass that along. >> police are investigating a deadly accident in south santa rosa. i driver was killed after crashing in to a ditch on todd road last night. the identity of the driver hasn't been released. authorities haven't said what caused the crash. >> east coast residents slowly, slowly recovering from that big storm but there is a long way to go. the death toll is now at least 74. in new york there is now limited subway service but there hasn't been many
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passengers so far with flooded tunnels and packed buses a lot of people had to walk or bike into manhattan. transportation officials are turning away cars that don't have more than three people inside. they want to cut down on gridlock. the governor declare aid transportation emergency and are letting people ride mass transit for free. the airport just opened this morning. a spokesperson said jfk and newark should be at full operation by tomorrow. the rest of new jersey still has a long way to go. the shore may never be the same. we will bring you a live report on the big problems ahead from new jersey. that's coming up. bay area red cross volunteers are headed for the east coast this morning to help out the storm victims. we are at san jose's airport now and i know you just talked to two volunteers so what do they say?
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>> reporter: in the past hour a red cross volunteer just left here from the san jose international airport. he is headed to new york to help out hurricane sandy victims and i just got off the phone with a local volunteer who is in new jersey right now and she said what's so strange about helping in that storm hit area is today, this morning it's blue skies and it's sunny. now over the past several days, 47 red cross volunteers from the bay area and the santa cruz areas have flown to the east coast to help the victims. this morgan hillman left to manage a shelter in new york. he ands others have gone through extensive training to help the thousands forced out of their homes because of the significant flooding the power outages. i spoke on the phone with a volunteer who shared how things were going at a shelter there in new jersey. >> a lot of worry in the people's lives right now and if
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you are in -- it's hard to know what's going to happen, when because nobody has been into tell them what's going on. >> reporter: now here are some of the pictures that a volunteer from richmond took from a shelter in delaware. this is one of 171 shelters set up across 13 states. bay area volunteers say while they feel good about going to help, others feel bad for the victims who are going to have to deal with the aftermath for the long haul. reporting live. >> thank you. the family court in pittsburgh will be shut down starting today. the court is dealing state budget cuts. the court closure in pittsburgh if means east county resident also have to file cases in martinez. court officials warn it'll take longer to get the decision on child custody and divorce cases and more cuts looming.
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next month pittsburgh's juvenile law court will be closed. in january the concord courthouse will be shut down. attorneys for boston gangster will be in court to ask for a delay. he faces a long list of charges but he said the government promised him immunity for his work informing. he was arrested last year after being on the run for 16 years. his trial is set to start in march but his attorneys want it delayed until next november saying they need more time to prepare. another court hearing scheduled today for the tina teen accused of attempted murder. the judge ruled that max wade will have to stand trial. wade's alleged crime spree started last year when police
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say he stole a chef's car and then in april he fired shots at two teens causing minor injuries. >> new this morning from los angeles, four people shot on the usc campus outside of a halloween party. what happened and whether any students were involved in this. >> reporter: let me tell you, no students were involved. they are telling us neither the suspects nor the victims were students but quite a scary situation for all of the students here on the usc campus. it was shut down. there was a campus wide alert. i will show you where it happened. if you are familiar with the usc campus this happened next to the heart of the usc campus. very close to the tommy trojan in a big facility. what happened, there was a
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halloween party. there were about 400 people inside that party. there was a fight that broke out outside. the fight breaking out between two nonstudents and one of them opened fire hitting four people. now one person that was the intended target in critical condition, the other three sent to area hospitals. we are told they have nonlife threatening injuries. the two suspects tried to run away. they were arrested at a nearby parking garage but a scary situation because -- police officers, campus police going to the area and the area was in a lockdown they told student as void opening your doors, don't go outside. they are finally telling students that the threat is over but some unnerved students and officials here at usc are trying to calm the concerns of the students and they are saying its business as normal for the students as they will go to class but certainly not business as normal for a lot because they -- a little
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frightened from what happened. >> live from los angeles. thank you. in the meantime in hollywood three people are recovered after being shot at another celebration. someone fired at about 10:00 when a large crowd gathered on hollywood boulevard. a 17-year-old boy was critically wounded. two others were hurt but less seriously. police took into custody at least three people and the investigation continues. >> all right. we want to check in with sal. see if things moving in the south bay. >> we are starting in 280 northbound and you can see the slow traffic right through downtown and you can see its been raining in the last few minutes. i want to show you a map of the south bay. so is 101. we showed you 280, not bad.
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280 better than -- and one more thing. haywood, union city, fremont, another day of slow traffic and on the bridge a little bit slow. let's go to live picture of the toll plaza. that's backed up for about a 20, 25 minute delay before you get into san francisco. here is steve. >> very good morning. breaks in the clouds, heard from lake county, few breaks and the rain has ended. i will show you those. rain continues to slide toward santa cruz mountains. it was one system. that was it. now we will space them out every week or so that's good. the rain wasn't to shabby. system moved in and stalled out. it took forever for that system to move south. just getting to san jose now. it took a long time. very mild temperatures, calm conditions, not much in the way
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of any breeze and a warm system and its been raining at blue canyon, you can see the northern edge. greta an inch of rain. farther south not bad. oakland, sfo, act four tenths of an inch. over to dublin a third of an inch. palo alto a quarter inch. you can see not much left. santa cruz mountains. there is a lot of breaks as it starts to fall apart. morning rain mostly cloudy, san jose still with a couple of returns. its light or dark green, that's not giving us much but still a
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little bit left. system here, for lake county as we head toward the end of the week into saturday. i think high pressure wants to build in. our system though showed down a little bit. system -- that is what is drag across us but clearing behind that. 60's to near 70's. we are at almost 60 so any sun you will notice the higher humidity. mostly sunny, next system up and over. morning fog and partly sunny, partly cloudy. set your clocks back on sunday morning. one more hour of sleep and it looks warm for november in the short days we head toward monday and tuesday. >> sounds good. thank you. what is moving the markets in including the weekly jobless numbers? just days before the election. >> police have made one arrest. the big clue they have in the search for more suspects in a vandalism case after the giant's world series win.
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. stock markets rallying after encouraging reports on the economy. by one closely watched measure sentiment surged last month to the highest level in nearly five-years and its commerce department said builders were spending more on home construction in september. right now the dow is currently up 157, the nasdaq up 38, s and t up 14. also helping the market the labor department said first time jobless claims fell again last week. 363,000 people made their initial filings for unemployment insurance and that's down nine thousand from the week before. it's a level suggesting steady but modest job growth.
7:46 am
the jobless report for all of october will be released tomorrow morning despite concerns of sandy delaying it. >> more this morning about that big east coast storm and how it's affecting new jersey. lines for gasoline very long. thousands still strands and the jersey shore may never be the same again. jennifer davis is there to show us more about the damage. >> reporter: hi. you know you can see some of the small improvements i think easier in the bigger areas where mass transit is coming back on a limited basis. you are still overwhelmed by the amount of devastation and one resident came down here, peeked around and said i can't look at it and left. when you look at all of this you can see home that are been here through families, through generations and you wonder what will happen now. today is the first day that
7:47 am
people in new jersey can file for help and everybody knows that is just the beginning. the president spent part of the day wednesday getting a firsthand look at new jersey areas hit by the storm. the state has 127 miles of ocean shoreline. most of it now left in ruins. >> it's caused a lot of devastation, a lot of people will be out of work, going to be a lot of work but it was bad. it was real bad. >> reporter: the president, the governor and other officials assessed the damage. the president has assured the state of the government's continued support. >> what i can promise you is that the federal government will be working as closely as possible with the state, and local officials and we will not quit until this is done. >> reporter: the state has several coastal area that fuel the 35 billion-dollar tourist industry. the surge has left boardwalks in ruins. the damage striking a cripple blow to the state's economy. >> everything is destroyed.
7:48 am
the fun time pier. all the rides are gone. >> reporter: in spite of it all the governor said the damage is minor compared to the things that can't be replaced. >> you look to your husband or wife, son or daughter, those are thing that can't be replaced. >> reporter: now back here live we are starting to see people come out and try to figure how they can board up what is left of the homes but as they do they say when they look at the bulkhead they know this is going to be a big challenge. they could still take on more damage because so uwater is still coming up. i'm jennifer davis. >> all right. thank you. there is a warning this morning the bbb about scammers, cheating people who really want to help victims of the storm. if you want to give they say give money, don't give clothing or food to disaster relief charities. they say they find charities in the disaster zone helping
7:49 am
people and not just helping other charities and they say check the name again. the scammers use names that sound like real groups. be careful about soliciting help that comes e-mail. and they are saying some of the engineers say a barrier -- if there had been a barrier between new york and the sea it may have stopped that storm surge and a lot of the flooding from the storm. sea barriers cost billions to put up. political figures don't seem like they want to approve that but even if they did the cost of funding and the studies, that may take years. >> san francisco police are asking for the public's help in a vandalism case. pam cook is in the newsroom with a video that we were the first to get. good morning pam. >> reporter: good morning. unfortunately as we know following the giant's celebration there was the
7:50 am
vandalism. witnesses already identified one man who confessed to smashing the window of a bus after his photograph was released. now san francisco police hope more photographs will lead to more arrests. take a close look. the police chief admits the images aren't perfectly clear but he hopes that someone will recognize these men who are accused of setting a muni bus on fire sunday night. >> we will identity you, we will arrest you, we will prosecute you. >> so much destruction. >> reporter: police did arrest 36 people in connection with the vandalism done after sunday's game. 22 people were also arrested after the giant's parade yesterday. the charges range from public truckenness to having a firearm but officers say it's a small number when you consider the record number of people, more than a million if who came out for the parade. reporting live in the newsroom.
7:51 am
>> thank you. police report no major problems as a million people jammed in to downtown san francisco for the victory ceremony. the manager brought out the world series trophy in front of city hall. highlights included the mayor presenting the team with a key and a broom. the broom to the city to show them sweeping the tigers. they thanked the fans for their support. >> we are all world series champions here. wearing orange and black in san francisco and that's what yofor day out. >> reporter: and it was -- this man right there, singing the classic i left my heart in san francisco which he first did live 51 years ago. >> wow.
7:52 am
the players were showered with confetti. the bottom of the screen. tim just -- could barely see him. the tape was all over him. three thousand pounds was used in the big celebration so cleaning up was easy because it was bio degradable. >> we loved it. the players, the giants, win the world series. it was great. >> reporter: the 49ers added to the festival. that's jim harbaugh driving the car and alex smith drove the car with matt caine. here is a lot of the talk this morning about romo. the closer and what he was wearing . coming up for you the statement he made that has some immigrant rights advocates applauding him. on the website, you can see
7:53 am
more video from the big celebration including some of the player interviews, just look for the video player right there on the front page. >> really lot of classy guys. they won that way and celebrated that way. >> yeah. >> it's a tough but great competition, the waiting game getting started for some of world's best surfers. >> and salmon crossing, what led to a unusual sight on the road.
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7:55 am
. new video from washington state. that's wild salmon trying to swim upstream on a flooded road. they may have escape from an over flowing river. its been raining really hard. >> they have to check their gps. >> looks like the cold water classic in santa cruz will saturday in just a few minutes. the best surfers around the
7:56 am
world will compete at the famous steamer lane including 11 time champ, kelley slater. this year it's a world tour event, also new, extra bleachers on the cliffs and a camera hanging from a wire will provide a bird's eye view. surfer are hoping for big wave when is the window for the maverick opens next week. surfers are on stand by every year but the contest has not been held for the past two years because the big waves never came. the waiting period starts on november 9th and goes through march 31st. it's in honor of the subject of the new movie chasing mavericks. >> we go from the surfing to sal showing us rain in san jose. >> rain in the south bay, its been coming down in the last
7:57 am
few minutes and i'm looking at my live pictures. this is what we have been dealing with. this is one of our crews driving in san jose. please be careful. if you are driving anywhere in the hour, pretty much anywhere but the south bay has the most rain. let's move along and take a look at the pictures. you can tell the bay bridge is relatively dry. from thereare puddles but it's not raining now. there is a back up of 25 minutes. also the drive will be busy on the san mateo. >> thank you. we have some rain toward santa cruz, south bay but things really starting to wind down here at most of the rain is over. mostly cloudy, breaks in the clouds especially to the north. we will have a partly sunny, partly cloudy day. there is still some toward santa cruz. rainfall good in the north bay. an inch to an inch and a half. almost a half inch. san jose at 12, palo alto
7:58 am
quarter quarter inch . you request see looking north. breaks in there. some of that still over the santa cruz mountains. scott's valley. you can see a back edge to it so it won't last much longer. we will have the system longer but it looks like it's going north. 60's today to near 70 degrees. the rain will end. you can take that walk and not have to worry about your hair. >> fog mild on friday. we set clocks back sunday. the days will be short. in the first weekend in november. early next week looks sunny and warm. >> thank you. >> breaking news, a swat operation in the east bay. we have a news crew heading to the scene. >> two children in santa rosa trick or treating hit by a car in a crosswalk.
7:59 am
we just talked to a neighbor who was out here after the accident. you will hear from her. . >> we are live where traffic is getting backed up because of a downed power pole. why crews say it's going to take all day to fix it. re, i'. they've got such great deals on all my favorite brands. fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. t.j.maxx.
8:00 am
8:01 am
. good morning. welcome back. >> it's thursday november 1st. we have new details about a frightening halloween night car accident that injured two small children in santa rose a. they were out trick or treating at the time. we are there now to tell you what the police are now saying about what happened. >> reporter: the two children had nonlife threatening injuries. they were hit in this crosswalk. you can seat traffic moving along. a very busy road. four lanes right between two neighborhoods. what was happening is the kids, were coming from that side of the neighborhood, crossing the street to trick or treat on the other side. they were in the crosswalk with adults when the adults saw the car coming. they tried to stop the kid from going forward because they saw
8:02 am
the vehicle but the kids went ahead any way and a 4-year-old girl and a 10-year-old boy were hit. we talked to a neighbor who didn't want to be on camera but said she heard the crash and this is what she said. >> i just heard the car hit and people screaming. called the police. >> did you go out? >> yeah. i went out. they -- poor little kids. >> reporter: police say the kids had nonlife threatening injuries. there are a lot of collision as long this road. there are no stopsigns, or lights and traffic, the speed is about 35 miles but people go fast along here. the driver in this case did stop according to police and is cooperating. they don't think alcohol was a factor. at the time of the crash it was dark. it was raining. it may have been difficult to see but police are investigating and asking anyone with any information to call
8:03 am
them. live in santa rosa. >> thank you. new this morning a neighborhood is without power after hit and run driver crashed into a utility pole. pg&e said that it'll be a while before that service in that area is restored. we are at the scene with the story of a family waking up to find wires down in their yard. >> reporter: the people who live inside of this house were trapped for a little bit this morning. when they came out and noticed this power pole had toppled nearly on top of their car that was parked in the driveway. nearly landing on top of them. the chp said a drunk driver smashed into the pole and then took off. wires now drape across the street and neighbors are without power for most of the day. it happened shortly before 4:00 this morning off the corner of grant and washington. sheriff's deputies say it was a hit and run and they found the suspect four miles away.
8:04 am
he was arrested on suspicious of dui. we spoke to one homeowner who because of the wires couldn't get out of the house to head to work. >> nice to get out but this -- not safe for remove it now so better to wait for electric an. >> reporter: crews were able to cut back the wires so he could get to his construction job and back here live the traffic lights are out in this intersection. a chp officer is here monitoring traffic but it's slow going at grant and washington this morning and again it'll stay that way since it'll take so long for crews to fibs it. you can see how it's snapped off at the base and that means they will have to replace the whole pole. they have to bring in a flat bed truck and bring away the pole so long day if you live in the area, be warned the traffic is really bad around the section. >> all right. live from san lorenzo.
8:05 am
>> thank you. starting today danville making life easier for cyclists who want to stop for a while . 39 new bike racks being put in. they can hold up to 78 bikes. what makes them so special is they are much easier to use and fit in were the local scenery better than ones now in place. the yearly lift of the best and worst roads is out. the city of brentwood hassa the best roads in the bay area with a pavement condition index of 86 out of a possible 100. belvedere and marin was second and dublin was third. the lowest ranked roads in the bay area were found in larkspur in marin and saint helena. both had a pavement condition index of 44. the city of sonoma was near the
8:06 am
bottom with 45. >> soon if you go to a 49ers home game you can ride your bike to candlestick park. for the first time the 49ers will put in bike racks out there in the parking lot. they are figuring out where and how many but they say they will be in place by november 11th when the niners play the rams. >> want to check in wi sal. see what's happening on the road. >> we have problems. we have an accident on highway 24. first reported westbound 24, want to put it on the map and then also eastbound 24. so we have to see which direction it is. it's causing delays in both directions mostly in the westbound direction. couple of prius's i hear and a
8:07 am
pick up involve there so watch out for slow traffic. slow traffic from about highway 13 and northbound 880 slow. look at live pictures, the bay bridge backed up, not as bad as yesterday butta still a 30 minute delay. also san jose, northbound 280. slow traffic but northbound as you head up toward highway 85, slow traffic there as well. we did get confirmation that crash i told you about was westbound. heading toward the eastbound, not as much affected but you will -- may see it eastbound but it's westbound. thank you very much. let's go to steve. >> thank you very much sal. >> you're welcome. >> all righty my friend. the rain is ended mostly, sliding south. not bad in the north bay. not bad. good totals. one system. another one late friday, saturday but looks that's
8:08 am
riding north. i -- updated information right now but it's looking weaker and weaker. the system did it's best rain up in the north bay. stalled out there. never made it to this morning to the san jose area. rain moved south. very mild temperatures and calm conditions. not much rain. steve bridge is in the keys, rain and 39 degrees. that's also rain in boot canyon and truckee. the system has a lot of holes in it to the north. still holding down from the mountains in monterey. fort bragg over an inch of rain and middle town over an inch. things fell apart but not bad. santa rosa, napa had a half inch to an inch. oakland, sfo a third of an inch, palo alto, about a third to a 4th up in the santa cruz
8:09 am
mountains. you can see a back edge as it slides south. you can see a lot of the cloud cover starting to thin out as the system moves east and south and says i'm out of here. next system looks good but it's riding up to the north. want be until late friday, saturday. the system developed a system with in a system. that's what showed it down. stalled owl over the north bay. 60s on the temperatures to near 70. almost done with this one. watch the next one which is late friday, saturday. then we set the clocks back with the weekend always in view. sunday morning one hour more of sleep. sunny and warmer but then rain toward the end of next week. >> more now about the storm problems in new jersey. 300,000-gallons of fuel spilled in a waterway. it plowed out of an oil facility the hurricane shut down. then another developing problem, thieves looting storm
8:10 am
damaged properties in hobeken. 90% have no power. in lines snaked around the barclay center. people trying to get into manhattan after the storm damaged most of the city's transportation system. look at those lines. passengers waited in long lines, packed shuttle buses that ferried them from brooklyn into midtown. parts of the subway system reopened this morning but some of the tunnels and the stations still filled with water. most of the bridges into manhattan are only allowing vehicle was at least three passengers. both candidates back out on the trail with only five-days left to election day. this is a live picture. this is green bay wisconsin. the first of three campaign events with the president in swing states today. coming up for you at 8:15 the new controversial ad from the
8:11 am
romney campaign one that attacks the president for the auto industry bailout. >> remember the san francisco zoo's rally monkey that needed a name? now she has one. it's romo. the little monkey was born as the giant -- giants were on their winning streak. the names posey and scutaro had topped the names but the zoo said the name romo became the favorite on social media and they say it fits the monkey's playful spirit. the monkey's name sake is causing a stir on twitter. during yesterday's parade he wore a shirt that read i just look illegal. he did not talk about it directly he welcomed the diversity in the bay area. immigration activists are applauding him saying his shirt satirizes a phrase that's
8:12 am
demeaning to immigrants. online orders for the shirt are flooding in so -- it's putting customers on a waiting list. believe he grew up in a small town in the southern california town. >> okay. time now 8:12. searching for answers after a 4- month-old died at a daycare . >> and a stunning find. the failed attempt that left a jeep dangling on a 14-foot fence.
8:13 am
r... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento
8:14 am
and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight.
8:15 am
. little bit of rain left mainly thwart the mountains, most of it on the -- 60 to near 70. >> there is a disturbing story out of illinois this morning. a 40-year-old woman is being held without bond after she allegedly stabbed two children to death. prosecutors say that she stabbed her 7-year-old son 100 times and a 5-year-old girl. she was angry her husband left her alone to care for their son. she refused to speak during a court hearing. >> the president back on the campaign trail today. allison reports the president is making up for lost time he is going to important swing states and only five-days left.
8:16 am
>> reporter: the president's break from campaigning to deal with hurricane sandy ends today. this is a live look at a rally in green bay wisconsin. it looks like they are off to a bit a late start. the president was supposed to arrive 20 minutes ago. he got a briefing on the storm response this morning and is expected to talk about that at this rally. he is going to start making his closing arguments in the presidential race including the white house -- continuing to accuse romney of having policies that will hurt the middle class. romney has already made his -- the first of three stops he will make today in virginia. he had softened his speech yesterday avoiding direct attacks on the president but today he is back at it and counting the days until tuesday. >> i know that the obama folks chanting four more years but our chant is this, five more days. >> reporter: the poll out this
8:17 am
morning shows romney with a two point lead nationwide but some other state polls in swing states show the president continuing to hold onto his leads. reporting live from washington dc. >> all right. there are new report that as many as half of all california voters will vote by mail. requests for mail in ballots this year, top those in 2008. that's when 40% of voters voted by mail. that means some of the closest races may not be decided until days after the election. mail in ballots take longer to count because the signature on the envelope has to be compared the one on the voter card. >> the sister company of the pharmacy linked to a deadly meningitis outbreak has announce a voluntary recall of all it's producks. they say no problems have been reported but it's complying a fda request to improve its
8:18 am
testing process. officials warn the recall could lead to a shortage of medication. they have the same owners as the center that sent out sterioded linked to meningitis. google is one of three large united states companies that the british government wants to hear from. they want to know about the tax practices of google, starbucks and amazon. they say all three have significant sales in the uk but pay very little in taxes. google has been criticized for routeing sales to its uk clients which allows it to avoid income tax on those profits. >> autopsy has been completed on a baby who died at a daycare center. the results aren't known yet. the 4-month-old was found
8:19 am
unresponsive at the magic place children's center on october 23rd. the owner of the daycare said the baby never woke up from a nap. firefighters rushed the chile to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. a trial resume for the school principal accused of failing to report a teacher who may have molested a student. the alleged 8-year-old testified yesterdaya along with a police officer who testified that the principal's notes acknowledged there may be a problem. the teacher now faces charges on five children. the jail has seen a rise in violence since realignment. the press democrats reporting there have been twice as many attacks on deputies and more fights breaking out between
8:20 am
inmates. the change started last october when state prisons started shifting inmates to local jurisdictions. it was part of a court order to help over crowding. >> the alameda county da is changing the way it prosecutes certain crimes to help some immigrants avoid deportation. the new guidelines would allow legal immigrants to stay in -- illegal immigrants to stay in the country in exchange for other penalties. it would only apply in cases of minor crimes. some suspected smugglers apparently ran into trouble while trying to cross the border. look at what arizona border agents found. that's a jeep stuck on top of a 14-foot tall border fence. the suspects used a makeshift ramp to try to get over the fence but they didn't get very far. border agents took the jeep but the smugglers got away. >> amazing. >> yeah. >> we did have rain last
8:21 am
night. you know that but that didn't stop the kids in costumes from getting what they wanted. >> happy halloween. >> thank you. >> one east bay neighborhood was very popular. >> some parts of the bay area saw a lot of rain over night. steve paulson is tracking the system and will tell us if we will still need the umbrella today. >> still a lot of wet weather. we will tell you more about this straight ahead.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
. the celebration in san francisco's castro district was quieter than usual. >> san francisco house wives. hey. >> there were the usual array of costumes though there was a strong giant black and orange theme. crowds were smaller than usual and police didn't report any serious problems. >> only possible problem on walnut creek was running out of candy for all the trick or treaters. that neighborhood is known for its haunted houseos and scary decorations that attract hundreds of trick or treaters including future sports stars. at least two dentists in the east bay want to spread the
8:25 am
spirit overseas. they will buy back candy, they will ship it to troops serving overseas. the buy back starts at four this afternoon. >> now that halloween is over retailers focusing on the holidays. the website said most of the online retailers start their promotions today. more than half of people say they will shop online according to the national retail federation. shoppers also expect to spend a lot of money, about $750 this year on gifts, on decorations, and holiday meals. let's get you to where you need to go. everybody behaving? >> we are trying to. let's talk about the wet drive. we have crashes out there. word of a new crash at the bay bridge -- on the bay bridge. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. word avenue an accident on the s curve of the bridge.
8:26 am
it'll add more time to the delays getting in to san francisco. also westbound 24 we have that crash that is -- near the tunnel. couple of cars there on the shoulder and -- livermore valley really terrible because of earlier problems, getting in to the valley and a power outage in livermore is causing a lot of the signal lights on city streets not to work. if you drive in livermore, this power outage which is a effecting 12,000 customers may make it hard for you to drive around the city. if you are driving in san jose, northbound 280 looks good. let's go to steve. >> thank you. our system moving south. good rain down toward the mountains, also san jose, suspecta clara valley. this is the end of the front. area that are trying to clear to the north. lots of breaks in the clouds. low clouds and the cold front. here goes our system. system to the far left. watch that for late friday,
8:27 am
saturday. that may move look in but some of that rain from san jose, highway 17, then 101 corridor. some of that still producing brief moderate rain. the system will slide through so morning rain giving way to partly sunny. some rain later on. tomorrow morning looks okay. . >> hundreds of nurses out there walking picket lines. the continuing labor dispute behind the one day strike. . >> and union city police wrapping up a rather large swat operation. the very latest details. . >> and if you are struggling
8:28 am
in the housing market we will take you to a big event designed to help that's happening right now here in the bay area. this is hayden. that's elizabeth. and that's skyler... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools.
8:29 am
prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight. with lysol disinfectant spray. and use the lysol no touch hand soap for 10 times more protection with each wash. this season, a good offense is the best defense. lysol. mission for health.
8:30 am
. we have breaking news in the east day. a swat team surrounded a house. what's happening? >> reporter: we are onto 500 block of wesley avenue. you can see police crews here from union city just wrap up with their large swat operation here today. as we look at video from earlier today, they -- they were about three he -- about three or four swat cars.
8:31 am
the reason why they are here is they are serving some type of search warrant for at least a few people. they say they don't know -- they can't tell us who they are be log for but -- looking for but they are serving search warrants throughout the area. they wouldn't find who they were looking for. let's bring in brandon garland. can you kind of describe the scene. what you saw? >> it was blackout this morning, about five, 5:30. the house back there was looking, for the -- to -- the police officers were be looking for the suspects. the scene was just kind of quiet.
8:32 am
. >> reporter: were you nervous? >> little bit nervous wondering why they were at the next door neighbor. you wonder what's going on. whatever it may be. little nervous but not to scared. . >> reporter: what do you know about the neighbors? >> i don't know much. i have lived here about a year. they say hello, that's about it. i can tell you there are people in and out but other than that it's -- i couldn't tell you who lives here. >> reporter: and surprising for the neighborhood? >> yes. especially for halloween night. everything is crazy but for the most part we are quiet. you know everybody walks their dogs, kids can walk outside without parents on their backs. this part of oakland it's pretty quiet. 95% of the time. >> reporter: again union city police say that they are looking for several suspects. they wouldn't give us more information but as soon as we find out more we will pass that along to you. we are live in oakland.
8:33 am
>> thank you. this morning oakland police are investigating after a man was shot and killed at a cell phone store. it happened around seven last night at the metro pcs store on international boulevard. a man who was killed reportedly owned the store. neighbors say their hearts go out to his family. >> i really feel bad for his family. i know that they are going to -- really devastating to pick up the pieces. >> police are investigating whether the shots were fired during a robbery. >> new help for struggling homeowners right here in the bay area. we are live at the san jose convention center where experts are offering help for mortgages. >> reporter: the doors opened here just about 30 minutes ago in the south hall of the convention center. about 60 or so people have shown up for the american dream event. it's expected to get busier but
8:34 am
all these people hope to get loans restructured to help their homes. this event is being put on by the neighborhood assistant corporation and the goal is to help homeowners with unaffordable mortgages get solutions on the spot. it's a free service and just to be clear this is not a refinance, this is a restructuring of your loan. employees work with major lender who are here to lower your interest rate or rebus deuce the princal loan. i asked to one man who received help and was able to keep his home. today he brought his son because he is in danger of losing his house. 55% of the people who come here are seeking help, will leave with a same day solution. 80% of the people who come will get a solution with in the next 30 to 45 days. here is -- you will hear from the man who we just spoke to.
8:35 am
>> some help -- this organization has the back door in to the bank that the average customer can't get into. when they say everybody gets something good happen to them i believe them. >> reporter: now this event will be held until 8:00 p.m. today and it'll go on for the next four days. now if you do plan oncoming they say to bring your pay stubs, bring three months of your bank statements and at least two years of your tax returns. if you come here expect a process to take at least several hours. reporting live from san jose. >> all right. union workers at stores say if they can't reach a new contract today they will go on strike. union leaders and management will meet today. they said they are losing money as nonunion markets like fresh and easy move in. it wants to freeze the worker's
8:36 am
salaries for two years and eliminate extra pay for working on holidays and on sundays. >> nurses walked off the job at seven sutter hospitals around the bay area. the one day strike is over proposed chances to health benefits, sick leave and a reduction in patient care standards. hospitals affected include summit in oakland and berkeley, eden in castro valley, san leandro and sutter in vallejo. replacement nurses have been hired. a new rule to protect against the flu goes into effect today for health care workers in alameda. they will to get a flu shot or wear a mask for the entire flu season if they have direct contact with patients. the order applies to hospitals, nursing and long time facilities and dialysis centers. >> sal has been telling us
8:37 am
about the roads being wet. now the power is out in parts of livermore. >> that's right. lots of parts of livermore are without power. some of the streets on livermore are -- the lights are flashing or not working at all so treat them as four way stops. the traffic on the road also busy as you drive through. i want to mention that the traffic on 680 from conford to walnut creek a little slow. westbound 24, slow traffic on the way. moving along to live pictures, this is a look at 880, northbound, looks like it dried off but slow traffic there. bay bridge backed up for about a 25 to 30 minute delay. earlier minoo r crash onto upper deck of the bay bridge. >> thank you. not a bad system for the north bay. it made it. sometimes the systems wash out and don't do much but this one
8:38 am
still producing some rain. we had mostly cloudy skies, system that just about an inch and a half. one and done looks like. a system late friday and saturday but not showing like it'll hold together well but rain good up in the north bay. rain finally moving south. very mild lows and mild afternoon highs, not much in the way of breezes. most locations stay calm. there is the system. its been raining in the keys, south lake tahoe. 39 to 40 degrees. never really made it. a midlatitude season. some of the break to the north. over the santa cruz mountains, holding together for rain. forestville, inch and a half. fort bragg over an inch of rain and middle town and lake county 1.4. santa rosa 86, continue hundredths. oakland, sfo four tenths.
8:39 am
a third. out to brentwood. palo alto, blossom hill, san jose a ten -- there is the system but again it's losing a lot of its punch. we will start to see clearing but still rain santa cruz mountains, stacking up toward the coastline and then from san jose south 101, south martin. monterey highway as well. that system is moving south and the rain will start to decrease. this is the next system. this would roll in friday night and saturday morning but looks like it'll split and fall apart but some clouds from it. overall that's all that's left of the system as it starts it's march south toward santa cruz, highway 17 bursts of moderate rain. the system about done as it moves out we will get a bit of a break. mostly cloudy, afternoon highs, we can get a lit of bit of that cloud deck to clear out. maybe a few low 70s.
8:40 am
increasing clouds late friday. >> time 8:39. officials think the price tag of the giant giant's parade was kept to a minimum. it didn't take long to remove the confetti. -- the giants are paying for it. the city will pay for clean up and making sure the public was safe. officials say they reworked a lot of schedules to cut back on overtime. a lot of fans going to the celebration paid attention. they took mass transit. bart recorded the highest daily rider ship ever by 10:00 they carried 553,000 passengers, that broke the old record of
8:41 am
522,000. caltrain also had a rider ship more than doubled. >> the world series brought in big dollars for the city ofs. the first two games of the series generated an estimated $18 million in tourism. the giants are picking up most of the cost for the parade. there are sill no estimates for those costs. police have made one arrest and the big clue they had in the search for additional suspects in a vandalism case following the world series win. >> still ahead another report from the east coast about the damage caused by the big storm along the atlantic ocean. also the economic hurdles in jersey that will never be the same after sandy. >> getting rid of a foul
8:42 am
smell, how bart plans to deal with smelley escalators. >> and an early morning crash. this one affecting the power in one neighborhood. we will be there live next. why the police arrested the driver.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
. look at this wall street race going up more than 1% after bullish jobs. the october jobs report will come out tomorrow. taking a live look the dow up 148, the nasdaq up 41 and the s and p up 14. >> time, 8:45, the coverage continues with the big east coast storm. the united states death toll is more than 70. also more than 4.7 million homes still have no power. the work goes opponent in new jersey -- goes on in new jersey trying to help life get back to normal. we will look at more of the recovery effort. >> reporter: hi. you know what you notice dave is just it'll take a long time and this storm didn't discriminate between big and small city. here they have a lot of work to do. they have started coming out to
8:46 am
take assessments. we have seen people who want to take a look at boarding up their houses, go through the belongings. this is also the first day people can start getting their paperwork together to appeal to the federal government for help dealing the damage from sandy. politicians pledging to help. today is their first day for filing for emergency management help. while larger cities get to normal smaller cities are still sinking in. >> i love my town. >> we have lost thousands of dollars worth of clothes, furniture, important documents that i had here as you can see its cracking right here through the wall. right here our wall is cracking. down here. like all this is damage. >> reporter: there are attempts to return to normal as limited bus and subway service resumes in new york city and parts of new jersey. drivers continue to clog the roads despite a ban on cars with less than three people.
8:47 am
though gas to fuel the cars is in short supply. despite all the hurdles people are trying to put the issues in to perspective. >> i was very nervous. we were wearing our vest inside housef. it came up another foot and a half it would have been devastating. >> reporter: back here live, when you take a look at the damage i don't think its surprising that they think it'll take months in terms of recovering and the price tag will be in the billions. jennifer davis. >> bring you up to date on the other top stories we are following for you. more bay area red cross volunteers flew out of san jose for the east coast to help the storm victims back there. dozens of volunteers are already there, dozens more will head there in the coming days. with just five-days left to election day these are live pictures of the president. he is in green bay wisconsin. the president and romney have
8:48 am
packed their campaign schedules in swing states today. this is live from green bay wisconsin. the president speaking at his first campaign rally today. he also has events today in nevada and in colorado. romney will appear at three campaign events in virginia today. and it may well be hours before the power is back on in this neighborhood. the chp said a drunk driver slammed into a utility pole at grant and washington and then left. traffic lights are out so the chp is directing traffic. >> san francisco police need your help to catch some of the people who ruined the city's image after the giant's won the world series. pam back is in the newsroom. >> reporter: good morning. unfortunately following the giant's celebration of winning the world series there was also the vandalism. witnesses have identified one man who has confessed to
8:49 am
smashing the window of a muni bus. now san francisco police hope more photographs will lead to more arrests. take a look. police chief said the images are not perfectly clear but he hopes someone will recognize the men who are accused of setting a muni bus on fire sunday night. >> any information, anybody can give us to who they are, that would be so reckless as to light a bus on fire. >> businesses were tagged and store fronts trashed. 36 people were arrested in connection with the vandalism after sunday's game. another 22 were arrested after the giant's parade yesterday. if you want to take another look at that video of the people setting the fire to the bus we have it on the website. reporting live in the newsroom. >> all right. police say a double shooting just blocks from the big giant's parade is not connected to the celebration.
8:50 am
shooting happened about 3:00. police say a man was seriously hurt. he was shot in the head. another man was grazed by a bullet. both of them were from union city. investigators say the shooting was probably gang related and police are searching for maybe four suspects. three hours later two men were stabbed just a few blocks away from that shooting. san francisco police say it started with an altercation. one of the men was seriously hurt. the other one is expected to be okay. police did arrest a 21-year-old woman at the scene but they are still searching for one more suspect. >> the obama administration wants new opposition leaders in syria. hillary clinton said the frontline fighters should have a bigger role in the opposition leadership. she said the paris based national council which is made up of exiles has failed to win
8:51 am
the support of the syria people but she said that any new leadership must protect the country from extremists. >> we also need an opposition that will be on record strongly resisting the efforts by extremists to hijack the revolution. >> the un, arab league special envoy met with the china foreign minister to try to stop the civil war. they said they are willing to work with the international community but that the future should be determined by the people. the united states government may have known about security risks at the embassy in libya before the deadly attack that killed the ambassador. according to reports the united states mission held an emergency meeting less than a month before the attack. they discussed their fear that the embassy couldn't with stand a coordinated attack. officials also reportedly sent
8:52 am
a classified cable to the secretary of state warning her about the concerns. >> this morning union city officially opens what it calls the new station center. that center will be a transit hub. it'll be a gateway to silicon valley they say. its right next to the union city bart stationt. will include a fountain sculpture. it also has 157 unit housing complexes, the ribbon cutting ceremony is at 1. >> bart may have solved the bad smell on escalators. bart wants to put up canopies to keep out the rain, wind and the homeless people who defecate on the he estandia escalators. still no word on when they will have them. >> incredible survival story.
8:53 am
how a surfer said he fought off a shark after being attacked near the coast. >> and we are looking live outside the win -- this is what the toll plaza looks right now. sal will check the morning drive one more time.
8:54 am
they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight.
8:55 am
. a surfer is sharing his amazing story about surviving a shark attack. the 25-year-old scott stevens
8:56 am
said he is lucky he lived to tell about the ordeal. he said a young, great white shark came up from beneath him, grabbed him by his side and pulled him down under water. despite suffering a 14-inch bite wound he was able to fight off the shark. >> my eyes under water and -- punched the shark in the side of the highway. >> he paddled back to shore. he is recovering from muscle and tissue damage and said he does plan to surf again. a fisherman has the story to tell about catching two great white shark. he said they got caught in his line tuesday off the manhattan beach pier. they were released back this to the water. >> i will stay here where it's safe. >> you are watching our drive.
8:57 am
what's happening? >> its going to be still slow. highway 24 has showed down. we had an earlier crash there and look it's not doing well right now at all. you can see its jam packed as you drive over to the tunnel. this is due to earlier problems and the wet weather. also the morn ifing drive is going it be busy on interstate 80 as you head west and on 880 south. it's very slow heading down to fremont and as we go to san francisco, 101 is slow. we have a live picture. that traffic is moderately heavy. give yourself extra time. still a little bit wet. >> mostly cloudy. the system almost done. still rain toward the santa clara valley. after that it's -- see partly sunny, partly cloudy. okay friday morning, probably some fog. clouds friday night early saturday and then it's out of here and then sunday, monday, set the clocks back sunday morning. fall back. >> important to remember that.
8:58 am
>> that's the report for this morning. thank you for trusting us. we will see you the next time news breaks. >> be sure to join the news at noon for more on the swat operation in oakland. thank you for joining us.
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